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Plus & Minus is loaded with features

Create the complexity you need to run your business. With an existing chart of accounts, we can have you up and running within an hour.


Plus & Minus’ traditional General Ledger manages the financial records for your company.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable allows you to keep close track of all sales and incoming payments from customers.

Accounts Payable

In the Accounts Payable, you track all purchases and outgoing expenditures to vendors.


Payroll allows you to complete all of your payroll processing tasks.

Cash Management

Plus & Minus has tools that look into the future to project cash receipts and disbursements.


Our inventory system was designed using Gordon Graham’s “Distribution Inventory Management” and allows you to track items from receipt to issue, and track their storage and transport.


Sales Doc Writers are used to handle inventory, retail, service, draws, and rental sales.


Work-in-Process Doc Writers can move processes through the purchase cycle: quote, order, move, invoice, or inventory transfers.

Purchase Doc Writer

Purchase Doc Writers handle the complete purchase cycle: quote, order, receive, invoice, or inventory transfers.

Job Cost

Job Cost reports general accounts by sub account (Job) and compares actual-to-date expenditures against a budget.

Note Maker

Note Maker is used to enter amortizing loan entries into Plus & Minus.

Fixed Assets

The depreciation worksheet collects existing account balances, calculates depreciation, disposes of assets, and generates entries to agree your financial statement to the worksheet.


The charts of accounts is a general and sub chart set tied together with a linker. The linker defines set of sub accounts; for example, bank, customers, vendors, employees, fixed assets, etc.

Fund Accounting

As a powerful and flexible fund accounting system, all transactions are maintained, and information can be retrieved by fund whenever you need it.

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Translation takes transactions from a source company, applies a translation factor to each transaction, and writes the transaction to a target company.


The simplicity of the Plus & Minus single-file design allows you to easily create sales or purchase invoices and record the expense in related companies.

Statistical Sampling

The Sampler is used to detect fraud and test your company’s procedures.


Presets store range settings for all report functions and translate functions.

PDF Support

Because Plus & Minus is a transaction-based system, it lends itself well to tracking scanned documents.


Email is supported from any position in the system and is used to quickly communicate reports and documents to customers, vendors, and employees.


Mover is used to reassign gen and sub-account numbers to gen-masters, sub-masters, and transactions.


Translate is used to import or export transactions and supporting documents to/from Plus & Minus.

Early in my career I once worked for a company using Plus & Minus that was purchased by a global company. I ended up travelling around the world installing various ERP and accounting software systems for industry leading companies. Over time, I realized the power in Plus Minus compared to these behemoth business systems. The one format design forces a discipline making it simple, powerful, and reliable: a standard the more expensive software products cannot achieve with their multi-format designs. The common thread that held all these large software systems was their complexity, lack of reliability and the big-ticket expense we had to pay just to get things to work correctly for the customer. With Plus & Minus, you have power in the simplicity of this software and I continue to be astonished at its affordability. It just works!

Felicia Crawford

The system is built to control and monitor entries. It has the capability of doing payrolls, inventory, billings, etc as part of one purchase software system. No need to buy or install separate modules. One of the aspectsI appreciate is data is secured and you never close a year you but open new years and the detail entries remain as long you want or need to be kept. I have used the software for many years and i have had to reconstruct prior years and was able to because the entries were still visible. Another aspect of the software i appreciate is that you need to make a correction, the system requires you to do a correcting entry in lieu of changing an original entry.

James K.

Other software that I used is like a sinking ship. I have been in the accounting field for more than forty years, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with not only Plus & Minus, but also SAP, MAPICS, and QuickBooks throughout my career. Plus & Minus has been, by far, the easiest software to use because of its ability to do multiple transactions in the same window, making the transition from sales, purchasing, and work-in-process seamless. Their single file makes data entry quick and effortless and allows for infinite reporting versatility.

Dorothy B.

I have used Plus & Minus for many years. Easy to learn. For a construction company, like ours- it gives me all the job cost and financial info I need. I have used many different accounting softwares in the 32 years I have been at this company and I see no reason to ever change. Last year we tried going on the QuickBooks—-no comparison. We continued on using Plus & Minus. I cannot give you anything negative about this software. The support team for this software is amazing.

Judy D.

Office Manager/Accounting
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