The Plus&Minus payroll function supports all 50 states and Puerto Rico. It is used by several 3rd party processors and can be used for union payroll, as well as certified payroll (government contracts).

Accounts Payable

You can track accounts payable by invoice number and relieve by invoice number. Transaction history stays maintained indefinitely.

Pay Types

There are twelve pay types:

  • Regular
  • Overtime
  • Double time
  • Salaried
  • Commission
  • Miscellaneous
  • Piece
  • Vacation
  • Holiday
  • Sick
  • TIPS
  • Reimbursement (non-taxable)


You maintain your own tax tables. Plus&Minus updates the federal tables in December of each year.


Tax authorities supported:

  • Federal
  • State (50 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands)
  • Local (user defined)
  • District (user defined)
  • EIC (Earned Income Credit) (currently not used)
  • Extra FIT, SIT, or LIT
  • Fix FIT rates for a pay session (bonuses)


Plus&Minus supports 20 deductions. For child support deductions, you can pay the spouse, court trustee, or attorney general.

Recurring deductions repeat every pay period. They can be fixed, percent of gross, percent of net, amount times regular hours, amount times total hours, with year-to-date limits and advance stops.

  • CODA – Sec 401(k) or Sec 403 (d): Cash or deferred arrangement (reduces FIT)
  • CAFE – Sec 125 (Cafeteria): Reduces Medicare, FICA, and FIT


Plus&Minus distributes labor costs four ways:

  • Direct: Up to 100 cost centers per check
  • Indirect: Via formulas
  • Burden rate: Taxes and overhead added to direct or indirect
  • Method: 32 method formulas for union payrolls


  • You can write paper checks, MICR checks, or EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)
  • Payroll costs add real-time to all reports
  • Stores employee data indefinitely
  • Automatically accrues vacation and sick hours earned
  • You can import time data from 3rd party time gathering systems
  • Handles Worker Compensation calculations for class of work performed
  • Certified payroll (with prevailing wage)
  • Union payroll (up to 36 trust funds)
  • You can enter pay data manually, stack files, time sheet, excel or 3rd party time gathering systems
  • You can Void payroll checks before release and reverse payroll checks not cashed
  • You can report Worker Compensation by ten categories
  • 3rd party payroll is available through Plus&Minus partners, who can service payroll through the internet