Memorial Day Flag Change

A proud veteran-owned business, Plus&Minus employs reserve duty soldiers and has an 80 foot flag pole at the front of its office.  In 2010, we inaugurated and started co-sponsoring an annual flag change commemoration on Memorial Day weekend to honor our veterans and active duty soldiers.  In addition, we raise money for the families of fallen soldiers.

Corporate citizenship at Plus&Minus means taking thoughtful actions to create positive changes in all we do, through the products and services we provide and the way we operate our business, for today and for the future. It also means being committed to improving the well-being of our communities where our employees live and work.

Our Commitment

  • Deliver solutions that help do good
  • Govern our business ethically
  • Be a caring employer
  • Steward the environment
  • Serve others through good business, volunteerism, and philanthropy

Bridges to Life

Plus&Minus is pleased to volunteer our time and services with Bridges to Life. Founded in 1998, their mission is to connect communities to prisons in an effort to reduce the recidivism rate (particularly that resulting from violent crimes) of program graduates, reduce the number of crime victims, enhance public safety, and facilitate the healing process for victims and offenders. Bridges to Life is a prison ministry started in 1998 that now operates in most states.

Their work has been documented on National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting Service, with over 18,000 inmates having gone through the four month program. In fourteen two-hour sessions, Bridges to Life brings victims together with inmates, with graduates averaging a recidivism rate of 12%, versus the national average’s rate of 50-69%.

Plus&Minus has been involved with Bridges to Life from its beginning with employee time and money, while Bridges to Life has helped Plus&Minus by giving its employees a way to make our communities safer places to live.

Environmental Stewardship

In the last five years, Plus&Minus and its sister companies have reduced paper purchases by over 90% and has eliminated all copy machines. When designing our accounting software, it was important to us to develop something that fully supports a paperless office, which is not only beneficial to our planet, but also to one’s business.