The simplicity of the Plus&Minus single-file design allows you to easily create sales or purchase invoices and record the expense in related companies. You can report up to 250 companies at one time, but there is one rule: the subsidiary general chart of accounts must be a sub set of the host general chart of accounts.


You can report up to 250 companies at one time (with Excel); twelve at one time, if printing.

Worksheet Entry

The inter-company worksheet is used to enter inter-company entries into a Plus&Minus host and related companies.


  • Maintains inter/intra company/fund relationships
  • 99 presets to record different inter-company transactions
  • Use a division ratio to allocate the inter-company transaction among companies
  • Record the entry for one or multiple time periods
  • Inter-company accounts must balance before recording the entry
  • Import inter-company transactions from spreadsheet or other systems
  • Create and use an unlimited number of worksheet files
  • The worksheet is limited to 1,000 rows

Purchase Service Invoice Entry

Enter a purchase invoice and allocate it to related companies through inter-company clearing accounts.