Sale docs handle the inventory, retail, service, draws, and rental sales. They remain online indefinitely.

Accounts Receivable

You can track accounts receivable by invoice number, relieve by invoice number, or track by balance (similar to a credit card). Transaction history stays indefinitely.


Ageing report has five ageing periods that move with the system date. It generates a statistical payment history you can use to quantify average payment time for each customer and all customers. Each customer lists the last payment date and amount, and there is a “hanging credit” recap that shows customers with unusual activity.

You can order the report by: sub #, alphabetical, job #, wild card, and sales person. Options exist to report open or all invoices, detail, summarized, balance, and zero. There is also a modified customer master option for fraud detection. It shows you activity for any customer with a change made to the customer sub master for a given time period.


You can send Statements to slow-paying customers, either printed or via email, since the statement writer can print or email supporting invoices. In addition, you can customize statements using Excel. Plus&Minus calculates finance charges using various formula options.

Credit Limits

The Sales Doc Writers have the ability to credit test a customer by the total of unpaid invoices, open sales ships, and open sales orders. You can then set Credit limits by customer, by amount, and/or days outstanding, and restrict order processing by using dynamic passwords.

Invoice Item Offset

Invoice Item Offset lets you clear hanging credits into an income statement account or offset it against other customers or vendors.

Cash Receipts

Cash Receipts, in a worksheet format, records receipts with an option to record partial pays. Receipt clerks can quit and come back later to continue the same receipts session. It supports the interrogation of PDF files, sales, documents, and transactions for each invoice. It also generates a deposit slip (if using blank check stock) or a deposit register (if using a bank scanner in your office).