Cash Management

Plus&Minus has tools that look into the future to project cash receipts and disbursements.


The reconciler reconciles cash accounts to your bank or credit card statements, and accounts other than cash can be reconciled. You can reconcile cash as frequently as needed, daily to once a year. You can also reconcile non-cash accounts.

Aged Payables and Receivables

Aged receivables are used to track receivables by period and contact slow pays. You can use a percentage of these by period to project cash.

Financial Statements

Run future financial statements by period (weekly) on the committed basis (open ships and receives) to project cash flow needs.

Check Writers

Allow you to pay invoices individually or by aged invoices.

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

There are no Plus&Minus fees for EFT. Plus&Minus supports all bank formats via a mapper file. The mapper file allows you to customize the EFT file so that your bank can read it.

When you run EFT , it performs one or all the following:,

  • Create EFT file: you send to your bank
  • eMail Vendors: the check skirt
  • eMail Treasurer: the EFT list to notify treasury of the fund transfer
  • Print EFT file: with the EFT reference # for your bank’s system

Open Docs

Open docs tracks aged open sales and purchase orders. These are orders on the books that become invoices when shipped and received. You can use a percentage of these by period to project cash.


You can email both selected customers and vendors statements of their accounts.