You can import/export all transactions and supporting documents in Plus&Minus.

Three translation methods exist:

1. Direct: Excel (using Microsoft Object Link & Embedding)
2. Indirect: with CSV files
3. Com objects: programming


You can import/export all debits and credits.


You can export sale, purchase, W-I-P, rental, draws, and retail documents.

Gen Chart

  • You can export gen accounts, which are primarily used in budgeting and forecasting
  • You can import, export all sub accounts (customers, vendor, employees, etc.) The sub chart of accounts is one file with one format, and parts of the sub master record can be imported/exported

Item Master

Import, export item master. The Item master is one file with one format, and parts of the item master record can be imported/exported.

Import Matrix

Import transactions from Excel, mainly budgets and forecasts.

Report Matrix

Create custom reports using tools available in Excel.

Com Objects

Fourteen com objects exist to import/export all information into user written systems. Programmers use com objects to communicate with Plus&Minus.


Allows you to export customer and sales data to Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems, such as Salesforce.