Direct support when you need it most

Plus&Minus offers telephone support during business hours, and email support 24/7.

Simple monthly pricing

$250monthly per site

Additional site pricing

$100monthly per additional site

Guided Tutorials

Every Plus&Minus installation includes a number of guided tutorials and samples companies, allowing users to explore Plus&Minus at their own pace. All basic concepts and functions are covered in these tutorials, and can be further clarified in the help system.

Tutorial sample companies include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Fund
  • Retail
  • Payroll
  • Personal

Plus&Minus Help System

Our extensive online help system can be accessed from the help menu inside Plus&Minus or via the web.  The help system provides comprehensive instructions for installing and running the system, as well as context-sensitive help for every software function.

PITS (Plus&Minus Issue Tracking System)

Our active forum can accessed from the help menu inside Plus&Minus or via the web.  Users may report bugs, suggest enhancements, and track program fixes on the website.  Users may also attach image files to assist in explaining their post. A help system in the sidebar that provides assistance creating entries. Around 80% of enhancements added to new versions of the software come from user suggestions.