Sale docs handle the inventory, retail, service, draws, and rental sales. They remain online indefinitely.

The Sales Service Doc Writer is used to issue an invoice without using any inventory components. Customers usually use it for subscriptions, rents, and reimbursements.

There are three modes to drive the Doc Writer:

  • Solo: one invoice that you recall or create
  • Stack: use Excel or a .csv file to populate the worksheet and issue the invoice
  • Repeat: use the active invoice but issue to multiple customers

There are two functions:

  • Order: used to recall or create and build the order over a period of time
  • Invoice: used when you want to finalize and record the invoice


  • Email, Print, or Save
  • Recall previous orders or invoices
  • Up to 99 rows long
  • Add or modify customer “on the run”
  • Line items can be taxable, exempt, or hidden
  • Record commissions or vendor payable as part of the sale invoice

Sample Reports

  • Customer
  • Customer by Salesperson
  • Document number
  • Document number by Salesperson
  • Sales Tax