Sale docs handle the inventory, retail, service, draws, and rental sales. They remain online indefinitely.

Features available at the sales counter:

  • Scan items using UPC or item bar codes
  • Display scanned items for customer and clerk viewing
  • Accept cash or swipe a credit card
  • Display the total sale amount for customer viewing
  • Use a pistol-grip bar code scanner
  • Enter amount tendered to calculate the amount due customer
  • Automatically open a cash drawer, if cash is tendered
  • Credit card scanner can be attached to the computer
  • You can print an original and customer receipt and credit card signature form
  • Sales can be on-account, cash, credit card, or a mix
  • Print a receipt for: customers, your company, and credit card signature forms
  • Item number searches by: item #, item description, UPC bard core, and string

Supported Hardware:

  • Monitor (1 or 2)
  • Thermal printer
  • Bar code scanner
  • Cash drawer (optional)