Com objects give you the ability to move information, in real time, into or out of Plus&Minus from 3rd party or user-written systems. Because Plus&Minus uses single-file architecture, it takes just a few objects to transfer all the information stored in it.

You use com objects to program special applications. They are language independent, and your staff can use any programming language that supports object calls. The Plus&Minus single-file structure forces a “design discipline” on your staff so there is structure in their work.

We find most com object programming is for applications in operations. For example, one customer makes cable systems, and they have to test and certify the strength of their cables. They wrote an application using com technology to produce the test and certification documents.

Use Com Objects to:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Update
  • Delete

Com objects serve the same translate-menu-column functions as follows:

  • Control file
  • Gen Chart of Accounts
  • Sub Chart of Accounts
  • Notes
  • Item master
  • Financial Transactions
  • Inventory Documents
  • Jobs
  • Time
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