Work-in-Process Doc Writers can move processes through the sales cycle: quote, order, move, invoice, or inventory transfers. You can start at any point in the cycle.

WIP Inventory Doc Writer

Plus&Minus assigns doc numbers to each W-I-P doc that becomes a PDF envelope where you store PDF documents to track the W-I-P (e.g., drawings, specifications, testing, correspondence, and lading bills). W-I-P docs remain online indefinitely; therefore, you can recall a W-I-P doc to create a new doc or view its supporting PDF files.

WIP Shop Floor Doc Writer

Shop Doc allows you to track jobs on a shop floor. Plus&Minus designed Shop Floor Management for its sister company that machines high-tech plastics used in the medical, aerospace, food service, defense, and petroleum industries. It answers this question: my company purchased x hours of shop labor… where did it go?

You can:

  • Track hours by job, process, operator and machine
  • Schedule jobs to identify machine time conflicts
  • Assign a cost to each operator and machine to use for estimating cost on recurring jobs
  • Allow shop persons use bar code scans to time in and out
  • Import a sales doc into shop doc
  • Import a purchase doc into shop doc (material costs)
  • Attach a purchase doc to a process that carries material cost
  • Run shop doc on the shop floor using a bar code scanner

WIP Director Doc Writer

The Director adjusts inventory by moving units from one item to another or from one warehouse to another. There is no procedural overhead, and the Director does not have functions.

Adjustments record in financial accounting as needed, while the director records the difference between ins and outs in defined overhead accounts.

You recall documents whenever needed.