Two Mover Types:

  1. Financial:  Move gen accounts, sub accounts, and their associated transactions
  2. Inventory:  Move item numbers

Financial Mover

  1. Gen Chart – Set Up: Assign new gen accounts to old ones.  You can combine 5 gen accounts into 1 per move
  2. Sub Chart – Set Up: Assign new sub accounts to old ones.  There is no limit on combinations
  3. Chart Move: The move

Inventory Mover

  1. Item Set Up: Assign new item numbers to old ones or consolidate item numbers
  2. Item Move: Move item number in inventory documents

Use a Mover when:

  • A company operating environment changes (e.g., new government regulations, new product lines, branches, etc.)
  • A company quickly sets up on Plus & Minus without regard to its reporting and retrieval capabilities.  The structure is then redesigned by the user to take advantage of Plus & Minus’ power
  • A company’s procedures change, requiring account restructuring