The only single-file accounting software

Total, complete, all-encompassing ERP financial software built around a single-file system.  Offering time independence, the need for postings and closings are eliminated, which means that the system is up all the time and does not need to be formally closed. This transaction and document-based system also allows recording and reporting to function independently of each other and has the ability to maintain transaction/document detail information indefinitely.

Plus & Minus Accounting/ERP Single File Diagram

Plus & Minus is a complete business management solution

With robust accounting, sales, purchasing and reporting capabilities — Plus & Minus helps companies of every size improve productivity throughout their business.  It’s a powerful, non-industry specific software that can be readily adapted to every situation.

We take a different approach to providing accounting software.  While our competitors sell modules, we only sell complete systems that include many routines that are considered to be add-ons or extra modules by other accounting systems.  Built around a single file, our system includes all the functionality necessary for running your business.



Our unique, single-file design offers complete flexibility, simplicity, and ease-of-use. It offers functionality like nothing else on the market.


Use what you need when you need it. All transactions are stored in one data set, using one format that hasn’t changed in the last 30 years.


No more waiting around! It processes 20 million transactions per minute and updates them in real-time. Monitor your finances as they happen.


Because of the simplicity of a single-file design, there is less overhead. This allows us to make our product affordable.


Easily manages multiple companies with one application. Customization to easily to fit the special needs of your business and those of over 35 industries.


No need to learn another tool. Thousands of reports, invoices, and statements are built into Plus & Minus and can be customized with Excel.


Access to thousands of built-in functions, but retain the ability to develop custom ones in any language!


Through phone, email, and on-site support, we’re always here for you.


Power failures are handled without requiring recovery procedures. When power is restored, simply continue your transaction.


We use a new password system that conforms to SAS 70 and Sarbanes Oxley standards.


Ongoing feature enhancements and updates. Get updates through WebSync automatically with just one click.


Plus & Minus supports a paperless office using PDFs to store all of your documents.

“I have used Plus & Minus Software for many years.  It is a wonderful and easy to learn accounting software.  I work for a construction company and we could not have a better accounting program than Plus & Minus.”

—Judy Deaton, Calco Contracting, Ltd.


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